My classmates videos

30 11 2012

Sorry so late with this post but it took time to make sure I watched all the videos.  WOW!  What a diverse group.  I love to hear about other people’s passions.  Seriously Wendy L scared the life out of me with all those electrical wires.  Ken made me feel guilty about not getting out to run more.  The video aspect showed me that you wear really funky pants.  Nancy, has made me want a dog.  Wendy F. inspired me.

I have to admit.  I like You Tube.  I am a visual learner and it helps me when I can see what someone is talking about.


Catching up! Video comments and Blog Posts to come

28 11 2012

Just getting back from New York.  As fun as it was, I am so happy to be home.  There truly is no place like it.  I will be finishing up my video comments and blog posts tonight!  I did watch most of your videos in NY but waited to comment.  🙂

Update:  My son is doing very well!  He returned to school and doesn’t even have a lingering cough which is a miracle.  Follow up appointment next week.  🙂

Creating and Posting to YouTube

18 11 2012

As I stated in my previous blog post, I had a blast making the video.  It was not the video I wanted to make but it involved my kids and was worth it.  I had fun with Xtranormal movie maker.  I can see me using it to make movies for my friends. I can imagine a funny original birthday ecard.  One thing I didn’t like is the inflection in the voice of the text to talk feature however it was funny.  It mispronounced Nan and Pop and my son cracked up to hear Nan and Poop.  If I had time I would have recorded their voices although I think they liked that it was a different voice from their own.  It only took us about an hour to come up with the concept, pick the characters and write the script.  The kids were naturals.  I decided to keep their real answers because it added an element of kid like fun.  After they went to bed I edited the video by playing with the camera angles, expression and motions.  This took me an additional 30 minutes.  So in 90 minutes I had a really good video to share with my class.  Missed the link on my previous post?  Here is is embedded into this blog post (pretty awesome):

Posting it was easy.  I downloaded the mp4 from xtranormal, logged into YouTube with my Google account (which was created when I signed up for Google Reader), hit upload and it was really straight forward from there.  I have posted YouTube videos before.  Like I said, my kids are aspiring movie makers and get a kick out of watching them on YouTube.

My YouTube Video – Two Birds One Stone

18 11 2012

So as you all know, my life has been hectic lately.  We got out of the hospital on Saturday.  On Sunday, I had a final paper due for another course I am taking at the University of Calgary.  On Tuesday, I am leaving for New York City (slightly excited).  Before then I have to pack for myself and for my children who will be going to stay with Nanny and Poppy for the week.  I also wanted to get this Going Visual module work done before I left.  So, where in there was I going to get time to spend with my children?  Especially Adrienne because I was by Owen’s side for the last 8 days.  I told the kids that I had to make a video for my social media class and I couldn’t play right now.  They LOVE YouTube and excitedly asked if they could help.  Owen wants to be a movie maker when he grows up.  They are always running around the house with a digital camera taking video after video that they hope will someday make them famous.  They want to be discovered by Ellen DeGeneres like Sophia Grace and Rosie (  I had intended to do a video on the making of a floorcloth.  I even had my materials put together.  Then I remembered the Xtranormal animation site.  I had watched the video about the Tea Party and thought the characters were cute.  The kids would love that.  So?  I said “Sure lets make a cartoon”.  I was super mom.  We picked a topic together, Christmas.  I added some of the text but the answers to the questions were really them.  They laughed so hard especially when the text reader mispronounced Nan and Pop .  We had a ton of fun.  I got my homework done and had a great time spending quality time with my kids.  I hope you like it!

PS. The ABC CAnada Life Literacy Foundation encourages parents to read, write and surf together to help develop a commitment to life long learning. Tonight we did it all. The fact that I got my homework done in the process was a bonus.

Pops Floor Art on YouTube?

17 11 2012

Would I use YouTube for Pops Floor Art?

My initial reaction was absolutely not.  I have no interest.  But while watching videos to evaluate for our assignment I did find a few useful ways to incorporate video into my website.  For example, it would be great to show people how durable they are in high traffic areas.  I could also show how easy they are to clean with a How to Clean your Painted Floorcloth vs How to Clean your Rug video.  That would be entertaining and informative.  A lot of people cannot picture a painted floorcloth because the thought of a canvas painting on your floor is foreign to most.  A video would give a better picture of what they “feel” like.  Again, like the fake English accent lady (mentioned in my previous blog post), I like the way she tapped the canvas to show people it was hard with varnish.  You could never show this in a picture.  The video makes it more real, so to speak.

So, stay tuned.  I have a feeling that will have a YouTube embedded video posted in the future.

Evaluation of 3 videos

17 11 2012

I am evaluating 3 videos about floorcloths.  I actually looked these up when I started making floorcloths.


I learned a lot from this video before I started making floorcloths.  I was able to avoid many pitfalls by following their advise.  It also touches on the history of them.  It was filmed by the Vermont Public Television.  The quality is impecible.  There is a link to their website in the comments section.  Why is it that a lot of artists wear turtlenecks?  I am not one of them.


This video was posted by the same company, Canvasworks Floorcloths, as above.  I do not think it was an effective video.  It’s called Make Your Own.  One would assume that it would tell you how to make your own.  It is more like a commercial that they have floorcloth blanks to order.  They don’t explain what to do with it once you get it.


This video has a few good and lots of really bad points.   From the start, I am thrown off by her look.  Believe me, I am no fashion queen.  I prefer my pajamas and a ponytail any day of the week.  BUT, if I was going to put myself out there on a visual social media platform such as YouTube I would not present myself in this manner.  Your appearance says a lot about you.  She is wearing a ratty tank top and has unkempt hair.  Believe it or not, I prefer the turtleneck in video one (at least her hair was combed and she looked clean).  Whether we hate to admit it or not we are judged by how we look.  Her look aside, I love how she drives home the fact that they are versatile, durable and easy to clean.  She shows a lot of different designs.  It is going good until you hit 2:42.  She switches from herself to a crazy lady with a fake English accent.  This is where she lost me.  I would run far far away.  She finishes the video with her sitting on the stairs in the unkempt hair and ratty tank top where she welcomes people to her website and to follow her on Twitter.  More bad than good in my opinion.


My Podcast Experience

16 11 2012

Loved it. The end.

OK, maybe I will need to say more for grading.

From our reading assignments I learned that reading a script was not ideal. I am stuck in the hospital with sketchy cell access so I used the time to write my speaker notes. I thought I could read them without people knowing I was reading them. Turns out I was wrong about that. I tried recording Podcast 1 about my story idea. What I found was that I was getting stuck on words, losing my place etc. It became so frustrating that I actually ditched the notes. I couldn’t even look at them. Like Diane noted in her podcasts some of us prefer one side of the brain to another. Well, for me that is the right side. I figured I knew what my story was about, I’m comfortable talking so why do I need to read. After 20 tries of recording my script (several of which ended in many expletives) I did the final draft (the one I ended up using) in one take with no notes.

So, when it came to podcast number 2 I didn’t even look at the notes. Not even from the start. I did tend to drift off point a little but I was happy with the result. Although the hooker story wasn’t directly related to the floorcloth it added humour and was related to the art of Newfoundland. I like the natural flow of the conversation. A conversation with myself. I often speak to myself but who knew I would end up getting credit for doing so.

If I had time to do it over there are a few things I would have edited but overall I was happy with my first attempts. I loved how Lori Smith (oops I mean Felicity Grace) ends her podcasts with a call out to her blog. I had meant to do that but because I had ditched my speaker notes I forgot.

I thought that the actual publishing of the podcast would have been easy enough had it not been for my situation. I borrowed the technical equipment from my hubby’s work which was a nifty recorder with professional quality microphone and headset. I looked pretty cool using it and it sounded great. After the recording I had to hook this up to a computer and convert the recordings to MP3. Then I had to email the MP3s to myself, download them to my blackberry and upload them to podomatic from my phone. I hope you all appreciate them because it was a major effort. If I was able to do it from one computer it would have been much easier.

Its now Friday night. I’m writing this on my phone. I finally got internet access from computer services at the hospital but it turns out, due to network restrictions, I am able to read blogs and listen to your podcasts but I can’t log on to anything. OH the joys. Hopefully this is the last night.

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